Other Things Said

Photographers are like Rednecks with riffles—READY TO SHOOT ANYTHING

Does Capitalism Care?

I google, therefore I know.

Rushing is a waste of time.

Barbara Striesand had it wrong—People who need people are not the luckiest people!

You know she’s in love when she says you smell good!

Flush Rush—Clean up talk radio

Jesus gives a sermon during the Second Coming—”As you sow so shall you reap, the Kingdom of Heaven lies within, and please take down those statues with me on the cross.”

Don’t Fox    with the News

Problems are overated

It does nothing to debate a barking dog.



2 responses to “Other Things Said”

  1. i like these ShowerThoughts kind of sayings; i got a chuckle from the Google one. the only thing i’d say could be improved might be the format; just letting them fall haphazard as such drains some of the punch from each one, making the reader assume connection until they see there isn’t any.

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