Clark Kent Can’t Wait

September 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Clark Kent can’t wait for a bank to be robbed
or a jewelry store—even a kitten to be caught
in a tree, for then he gets to be “Superman.”

Otherwise he’s stuck like you and me at the dumb
desk of work writing and rewriting a story he can’t
stand, Lois Lane near by—angelic, snug-skirted,

intrigued by nothing but Superman.  And when
word comes that the Skyler building is ablaze—
people trapped on the top floor, everyone says-

”Oh no!” but Clark says—”Oh yes!”
In instant he’s there flying them from the flame,
and as he lands the last one to safety Lois is there

too with Jimmy Olsen snapping the photo,
and their eyes meet—the eyes of a woman
overwhelmed, the eyes of strength subdued.

Returning to the Daily Planet, Clark at his desk,
Lois says—”You were not there, you did not see?”
and Clark says—”Did I miss something?”

Feeling for this man who seemed so “unsuper”
Lois lays her hand on his shoulder
and for a change it’s Clark’s turn to fly.

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