Great River Road

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Flash Not Allowed

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Warm Coats & Snow

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Warm Coats & Snow

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Words On Doors & Other Signs

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Words On Doors & Other Signs
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Eagles on the Mississippi

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Eagles on the Mississippi
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Magic Light (Winner of the 2012 Norman Thomas Memorial Award-Iowa Poetry Association)

August 28, 2012 § 2 Comments

Ansel Adams sits up

reaches for his camera—

his arm bony as a tripod leg

for it is “Magic Light”

the golden light of sunrise

and sunset.


But then he lays back down

and focusing instead

through the lens of his soul

in the black box of his skull

he sees… all the light


that ever filled Yosemite

or blazed the crosses at Hernandez

and with his brittle jaw

with its few teeth remaining

there in the dark room of a coffin

he smiles.

Mud Poem

September 9, 2011 § Leave a comment


Muddy-shoed mud poem
walks across the page
going as poems go
from line to line
and down,

and the more it rains
the more the ground agrees
to take up with whoever
comes along
and replant itself

on floor, carpet,
sofa, bed, in teacup,
on toast, until we are all
muddied, even rain
before it lands, even cloud—
dark with who knows what.

But fear not mud, but make
with it what you can
in sculpture, on canvas—
finger painted on a face
you kiss,
and in a poem.


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